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One of the major obstacles to small business getting a web presence is the cost. Websites can cost thousands of dollars, so I decided that it was time that every business could afford to have their own website. Most people will stop looking at a business if they can’t find anything online  –  CAN you afford to miss out on new customers?


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Do I need a website?

According to the Telstra 2018 Small Business Intelligence Report, 62% of potential new customers will stop looking into a business if they can’t find anything online about a business. Can you really afford to ignore that many potential new customers?

Do I need SEO?

So you’ve got your website but no one is visiting you? We can install a WordPress SEO plugin for you or you can subscribe to our professional SEO consulting program and watch those visitor numbers skyrocket.

Website Design

We customise our WordPress themes to suit your business, so even the same theme used on two different websites will look totally different. Click here for more details

Branding & Logo

Just as every business needs a website, they also need a logo. Not just for the website, but also business cards and other office stationary. Click here for more details


We can cater for the tight SEO budget with a one off cost for the best WordPress SEO plugin or if you really want to ramp up quickly, sign up for our professional consulting SEO package for just $399 per month (incl GST). Click here for more details

Explain ViD

So you’ve got your SEO sorted and you’re getting some visitors. Did you know that you’ve got around 10-20 seconds to engage a potential client when they visit your website? This is why I’ve partnered with one of Australia’s best 2D animation studios to bring you affordable explain Vids. Explain Vids are short animated videos which can tell a story, introduce you, explain how to do something, anything really. Check out some samples here

Built From Scratch
All WordPress websites are built using a theme. I can create your website utilising a blank theme so it doesn’t look like a generic website. 100% customised to suit your business
Choose a Premade Template
Need a website in a hurry? Utilising a pre-made layout greatly reduces development time and it can still be customised so it’s not a generic website.
Maintenance & Updates
On a subscription plan, you will get some free support hours each month, which can also be used for updating your website. For upfront payments, we can negotiate a support agreement or you can update your website yourself.


All Websites are made using the worlds #1 platform – WordPress. Regardless if your site is built from a blank theme or a pre-made layout, your website will be unique to you and represent who YOU ARE!

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Remain vigilant: Don’t get SCAMMED!

Could you identify a scammer? Your financial security may depend on it. I know what you're all saying, I won't get scammed, I'm smart enough to see it. Whilst this may be the case, if you get complacent about it, you can still become a prime target. I recently was the...

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Grab Visitors Attention Instantly with Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos Websites For All has recently partnered with one of Australia's leading animated video studio to bring you explainer videos. Explainer videos are an awesome way to engage your target audience, since you've only got only a few seconds to grab a new...

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Why you need a website

Does every business need a website? Well.... as a web designer, I'm obviously going to say yes. The real question is why do I believe every business needs their own website? the answer is simple - to have a presence in community, to get known, to be found and to...

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Is your website secure? Do you need HTTPS?

Is your website secure? Did you know that Google has long been pushing all websites to be secured by an SSL (or TLS - SSL's successor)? The big push started back in 2014 when Google started to give sites built on HTTPS a boost in search engine ranking, as opposed to...

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About Me

I’ve Been Building / Administrating Websites for 10 Years

I’m passionate about helping people and getting small business an online footprint. don’t get overlooked by potential customers just because you don’t have a website.

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The Process

First we need information before we can start on the web design. This is a free consultation to discover what you’re all about. We want your website to scream your name, so we want to get to know you first.
Based on our consultation and additional research, we’ll develop your website and communicate with you on how you feel about it.
Our relationship doesn’t end once your website is live. If you’ve signed up for a subscription, you’ll get some hours support free each month (can be used on updating you website). We’ll negotiate support terms if you want an upfront fee structure.

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