Is your website secure?

Did you know that Google has long been pushing all websites to be secured by an SSL (or TLS – SSL’s successor)? The big push started back in 2014 when Google started to give sites built on HTTPS a boost in search engine ranking, as opposed to sites built on the unsecured protocol of HTTP. Secure your website today to improve your SEO!

More recently, Google updated Chrome Browser to indicate if a website was secure or not. Google Chrome has over 50% market share in the web browser market. Therefore, a significant number of potential visitors could be alerted that the website that they’re visiting is not secure. If your business relies on communication with potential customers via online chat, contact forms etc, can you risk losing a customer because your website is flagged as not secured?

Securing your website gives your visitors peace of mind, know that their details are safe from cyber crime.


Why is Google doing this?

Obvious answer – it’s in their best interests to have a secure internet. With their massive data collection, valid and secure data is a must.

On the less sceptical note, maybe Google cares about your security too, a secure website helps built trust in your brand and adds legitimacy to your business.

What do I need to do to secure my website?

Contact your existing web designer and discuss adding an SSL to your site. Alternatively, contact me and we can discuss upgrading your website and adding the appropriate security. An SSL certificate is easy to install and they don’t cost the earth. You can get a basic one for around $99 per year. So don’t wait to start losing customers, do it today. Jump on my live chat during standard business hours to find out more.