Why does every business need their own website?

According to the Telstra 2018 Small Business Intelligence Report, 62% of potential new customers will stop looking into a business if they can’t find anything online about a business. Can you really afford to ignore that many potential new customers? Everyone needs a website!

You might say – “But I’m on Facebook and Twitter”. Do these really portray much information about your business or products/services that you sell? From my experience, they don’t. They work great with a dedicated website, but don’t offer much as a stand alone online presence.


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Website Design

The choice is yours:
 * Upfront payment or monthly subscription
 * Your website created from scratch using a blank theme or start with a pre-made layout (great for urgent jobs)
 * You can manage your website, or if you prefer, pay me to manage it (monthly subscriptions include some free support hours).
 * The whole design – I’ll create something for you, but you are free to request any changes prior to going live.

Pricing for monthly subscriptions

*Prices include GST

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