Explainer Videos

Websites For All has recently partnered with one of Australia’s leading animated video studio to bring you explainer videos. Explainer videos are an awesome way to engage your target audience, since you’ve only got only a few seconds to grab a new visitors attention an explainer video does it perfectly.

– Increase your conversion rates.
– Clarify the objective of your product.
– Easily generate increased interest.
– A Video ranks your website better in Google Search.
– Help your audience retain information.
– Boring to amazing in under 10 seconds.
– Massively increase audience attention.

Need more reasons why you should get a video? 10 excellent arguments why you should get one:

  1. They’re concise. Explainer videos are concise – you’ve only got a few seconds to engage a new visitor and a page full of text is not going to cut it.

  2. They can resonate with the viewer. Don’t just sell the solution, make it clear that you understand the problem

  3. Be creative. Sometimes it difficult to be creative with text and images, but an explainer video releases the shackles and allows the creativity inside burst out onto your website.

  4. They can be used anywhere. Once you’ve got your explainer video, you can use it in many different ways. You can keep it on YouTube, you can embed it into the homepage of your site, you can use it as a feature of your landing page, or even incorporate it into slideshow presentations.

  5. They’re an approachable medium. Explainer videos are simple to use and require minimal effort on your part. Once you’ve completed the survey, you can get on with other things whilst we make the video for you.

  6. They’re useful for new and old customers. Even though the primary function of an explainer video is to reach new audiences, they can be useful for existing customers as well. This is especially true if there’s a learning curve with your products and services or you’re introducing a new product or service to your existing customer base; the explainer video can serve as a kind of tutorial.

  7. They’re adaptable. You can use them for almost any purpose, in any situation – they’re not just for the top of your homepage.

  8. You can show your brand personality. Branding is so incredibly important these days and with an explainer video you can let your brand’s personality shine throughout the video. You can write it in the tone of your script, include visual styles that reflect your character, and even choose a narrator that best represents your brand “voice.”

  9. You can show off the benefits first-hand. Thanks to the visual and running nature of video, you can show off the benefits of your product or service first-hand, such as with a brief product demonstration or a walkthrough of your software. This helps people see what they’re buying and will put many of their doubts to rest.

  10. You have a chance to prove your worth. Explainer videos also give you a chance to prove your value as a brand with visually represented statistics, video testimonials, or the mention of some big brands you’ve worked with.

Check out my Explainer Video page for additional details and view some sample animated videos.